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Ciblis lets the librarian describe several bibliographical formats, from simple entries to sophisticated descriptions of ancient books, audio-visual media and objects on the internet.

Authority control & thesaurus management
Control the input of data when entering names of persons and institutions, geographical names, UDC, DDC, etc …

Patron management
A separate module is available for patron management. Every patron is registered as a separate entity in a central end-user system, so that all fines, notices, blocks and related circulation transactions can be looked up easily.

E-mail messages are generated to send specific information to the library user. Connection to an SMS gateway is also possible.

Circulation module
Includes functionalities such as issuing, reserving, renewing and returning materials. A very flexible parameterisation that remains manageable, even in complex network configurations.

Acquisition administration
Ciblis offers a very extensive acquisitions module, allowing you to handle budgets, invoices, orders, but also periodical subscriptions. The entire acquisitions administration can be handled in the back-office.

Subscription management
Automatically manage subscriptions of magazines, newspapers, series, …

Public catalogue
From within one Ciblis system, several (independent) sub-catalogues can be managed and this without multiplying the data.

Helpdesk and infodesk
A built-in helpdesk is the ultimate channel to report system technical problems. In the Infodesk module the same idea is used to manage the question coming from patrons.

Available everywhere and anywhere for everybody. Both the administration and end-user have access through a standard web browser, so no complex installations or configurations are required.

The application can be made available in different languages using built-in translation tables. Based on a centralized hosting model.

  • Built-in RSS and Newsletter functions.
  • Built-in multi-lingual support. The system remembers the home language for each patron. This requires the translation of about 300 key words, the system translates all the rest.
  • All international standards for archival objects and collection items are supported.
  • Can be integrated with RFID.
  • Book cover images and reviews are automatically transferred from Amazon and Google Books.
  • Cipal consults with the libraries to customize the OPAC (public web portal) for each site.
  • The centralized system results in the lowest cost model for minimizing hosting expenses without sacrificing stability or performance.
  • Highly modular, so that an installation is very simple, with added modules providing you with features as required, based on the technical skills of the library staff and system administrators.
  • Full mobile support for smartphones across Windows Phone, Apple and Android devices.
  • Built-in offline support. A back-up system is available if the internet connection is lost and as soon as it becomes available again, the system can be synchronized with the central host.
  • Fully web-based for both patron (OPAC) and administrative functions. There is no need for any software other than a standard browser.
  • Record conversions from old to modern formats such as MARC 21 are included in the installation process.
  • Facebook and Gmail notifications can be integrated into the patron pages and search results.
  • Review data can be pulled from Wikipedia and Amazon.
  • 2-3 updates are provided a year. No additional costs for updates, no locking in.
  • Upgrades only take place at the central hosting location, so user input is not required. New versions can be tested first and then deployed with the support of CIBLIS.
  • Cloud hosting is the preferred hosting model, with options for hosting in Belgium, on NLAS servers, or on co-location servers.
  • CIBLIS is happy to work with third party data providers and hosts to set up the central server.
  • All manuals and software documentation are available in English.