Create, maintain and publish bibliographical databases, offer automated online public services and automate all administrative library tasks in one overall information management solution for libraries.

Ciblis consists of a whole set of software components that allow libraries, documentation centres, archives and museums to:
Create, maintain and publish bibliographical and documentary databases, automate the everyday administrative tasks (cataloguing, circulation, acquisitions, serials management, …), offer automated online services to library users and the general public (OPAC or Online Public Access Catalogue, demands for queries and holdings, Selective Dissemination of Information – SDI, …)


In addition, more specific modules are available to:
Roll out an Institutional Repository in combination with DSpace, carry out a survey on patron’s needs (Enquiry module), design a Digital Platform to digitise publications, manage the library’s Electronic Resources.


Ciblis also contains some rather ‘administrative’ modules to:
Register working times of library staff, edit holiday calendars and calculate balances, attribute specific tasks to library staff using a task calendar, set up a document store to make available useful documents to library staff, introduce a Wiki in order to share knowledge within the library.