Brocade offers an archive module that has been designed around the International Standard Archival Description ISAD(G) conventions. You can now publish and digitalize your archive records in an easy-to-use and scientifically accurate way.

Archive acquisitions
These are provisional descriptions of new archive acquisitions. They can be used when a collection has not yet been described in detail, but is already available. In this case an archive acquisition can offer a short overview, in anticipation of a complete archive description.

Archive descriptions
These are the partial or complete descriptions of the different items in an archive. The amount of detail used fully depends on the user. It is possible to remain on a general archive level or describe every piece in a separate record. A digital file can be included by linking a description to the document store. This enables you to digitalize an entire archive.

Archive selections/additions/edits
You can create selections, additions or edits that can be linked to archive records. For example, these can indicate a future addition or the planned destruction of a certain number of archive records. This way you’re able to actively update visitors on the state of your collection.

Authority Control
In Ciblis, the concept of Authority Records is used extensively. An authority record is created to describe persons, families, organizations, but also geographical or historical entities. It indicates how these records relate to each other. An example of this would be a father-daughter relationship. As a result, these uniform authority records can be used to create a natural structure in the catalogue. For visitors consulting the catalogue, it is much easier to navigate the collection and find related objects or additional information.
In Ciblis, these authority records are created according to the International Standard Archival Authority Record (ISAAR) standards.